5 Cool Facts About Electricity

There is more to electricity than just powering devices and lighting rooms. We use it every day but know too little about its natural state. Let’s disclose some important and mind-blowing facts about electricity. Read on and be amazed!

  1. Speed

Do you know that electricity travels like a speed of light? That’s more than 186,000 miles per second! Can you imagine how fast that is?

  1. Lightning Bolt

Do you know that a bolt of lightning lasts for less than a second? It measures more than 3,000 volts which can power up over a hundred powerful lamps for a day. It can also reach a temperature of 30,000 degree Celsius (you’ll surely get toasty when hit, so be extra careful).

  1. Birds and Power Lines

Have you ever seen a bird standing on a power line and wonder why it never gets electrocuted? Here’s the thing, the bird is safe as long as it sits on only one line. If any of its body parts (either a wing or foot) touches another line, a circuit is created which allows the electricity to travel to the bird’s body and gets electrocuted.

  1. Heart Beat and Electricity

Do you know that electricity plays an important role in the beating of your heart? Electricity goes through the heart which allows the muscles to contract. Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine measures the electricity that flows in it. For a healthy person, you will see regular spikes displayed on the screen of the machine. If the person is dead, you will only see a continuous straight line.

  1. Coals Power

Do you know that the biggest sources of energy for the production of electricity are coals? Furnaces burn these coals to boil water. The steam that the boiling water produces is used to run the turbines attached to the transformers or generators.

Can you imagine the world without electricity? I bet you can’t, especially in this day and age where almost all our works and day-to-day routines depend on it.

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