5 Reasons to Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance This Spring

Your HVAC system could be one of your biggest investments next to your home or car. One way to keep it at its best performance is scheduling a regular system maintenance. If you skip HVAC maintenance especially this springtime, you will miss out on these services below.

  1. Tune Up

Though it seems like your heating and cooling system is running well, scheduling a tune-up service with your HVAC provider is necessary. Do it at least twice a year to see if something is wrong with your system and prevent future mechanical breakdowns. Getting a preventive maintenance will keep your system running efficiently especially this spring season. Keep updated on the status of your system by contacting your reliable HVAC contractor.

  1. Insulation Checkup

Have you had your insulation checked for the summer months? When heat strikes your home, your A/C needs to perform better than it did last winter. What insulation does is to keep warm air out and cold air in, allowing your air conditioner to perform at its best. Seal any cracks or leaks where air can possibly get in. Or best, call your HVAC technician to fix your insulation or add extra if needed.

  1. Duct Cleaning

One component of HVAC maintenance is air duct cleaning. Some of the common reasons you need your duct cleaned is to prevent mold growth, improve airflow, and eliminate dust and debris. The air your breathe flows through those ducts so you need to keep your ducts clean at all times. Your HVAC contractor can do it for you.

  1. Air Quality Testing

Most of us spend more time indoor than outdoor so we want to make sure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy. Poor air quality can result in illnesses like flu, skin rashes and headaches. To avoid these things from happening, you should have your indoor air tested by professionals as part of your HVAC preventive maintenance.

  1. Thermostat Upgrade

Maintaining your heating and cooling system sometimes requires a thermostat upgrade. Why? Using a traditional or manually operated thermostat may not work effectively for your energy-saving goals. You can ask your HVAC contractor about the best thermostat suitable to your home needs.

Plan your HVAC maintenance to make the most of your system. Call us at Maddox Residential and Commercial Services for your needs. Our HVAC maintenance package includes all these services.

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