5 Tips To Prepare Your A/C For A Summer Vacation

Summer is getting closer! While the thought can be very exciting for vacation and getaways, you have to make necessary preparations for the season. Do not forget about your air conditioner. They play a vital role in keeping you cool these warm months.

Here are expert tips on how to get your A/C ready for summer vacation.

  1. Replace Your Air Filters

Before it gets so dirty, change your filters as early as today. Preparing your air conditioner for summer requires you to check your filters. Contact your HVAC contractor for a thorough inspection. Before the heat season strikes, make sure the filters are clean and free of any blockage.

  1. Set Your Thermostat

Getting ready for your summer getaway with family or friends? Heads up and adjust your thermostat before leaving home! Raise the thermostat at six degrees in maximum to keep your home at a standard cooling temperature. You can save up to 30% of your cooling bills while getting the most of your vacation.

  1. Keep Your Vents Open

Stop your habit of keeping your supply vents closed! Forget it this summer. Two or three days before you leave, open them to allow fresh air to enter the house. Keeping them close stresses your HVAC system. Closed vents can have a negative impact on your system. So, correct these problems so you have a greater peace of mind while you are on vacation.

  1. Clear the Outdoor Unit From Debris

Your outdoor unit is a big deal if you want the best for your cooling unit. Remove leaves, dirt, dust, bushes and other debris on your exterior unit to allow proper air flow. If it is clogged, it restrains the system from performing to its optimal operation. Do this at least a week prior to your vacation.

  1. Call Professionals for Inspection and Maintenance

The last but not least is to call the professionals for a checkup and maintenance. Experts know best when dealing with your air conditioners. So, trust their expertise to keep your A/C running at its maximum performance. With their help, you can enjoy your vacation completely. They will keep your home safe and comfortable all day long.

Are you planning an out-of-town vacation this summer? No worries! Maddox Residential and Commercial Services is your HVAC partner for this season. We offer complete inspection and maintenance of your system for your peace of mind. Call us before your vacation!

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