Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On – 5 Troubleshooting Steps for a Broken A/C

When the A/C fails to turn on, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is to call your local HVAC company in Tyler, TX. We can’t deny that this is the best thing to do, but, do you know that there are few things that you can check that might save you on service cost?

Check out these five troubleshooting tasks that you can do before scheduling an air conditioner repair in Tyler, TX.

  • Check the Thermostat

This probably sounds basic, and it truly is. Sometimes, air conditioning units won’t turn on because of thermostats problems. Before you call the attention of the experts, take a look if your thermostat has power, in COOL mode and the set temperature is below the current room temperature.

  • Check Your Air Filters

Is your air filter filled with dust and dirt? The accumulation of these particles restricts the airflow and causes your unit to turn off or even freeze up. If you have permanent filters, you can try cleaning them and see if the A/C turns on. Temporary air filters on the other hand need to be replaced every 1 to 3 months.

  • Check the Circuit Breaker

Your air conditioning unit will not turn on when the circuit breaker is tripped. Circuit breakers can look ON, even when they are tripped.  So, make sure that you turn it off, then back on again then check if the A/C starts operating. Be sure to reset it only once to save you from the risks of an electrical fire.

  • Check the A/C Drain Pan

Your air conditioner’s drain pans can get clogged over time due to dust and dirt accumulation. This condition triggers the float switch and hinders your air conditioning unit from turning on. A maintenance service will keep this crucial component clean all the time, so be sure not to neglect your routine maintenance call.

  • Check the A/C Shut Off Switch

Air conditioners and furnaces have shut off switches that look just like the switches in your home. Before calling the professional, be sure to check if you switched it on and try the A/C one more time.

These are simple troubleshooting tasks that you can do yourself but, whenever you need professional help, you can always count on our experts at Maddox Residential and Commercial Services for fast and dependable air conditioning repair in Tyler, TX. Call us!

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