Should You Block HVAC Vents?

Should you block your HVAC vents? The simplest answer to that question is NO. Keep in mind these good reasons why you should not block HVAC air vents, even if they sometimes get in the way to the perfect interior design that you want for your home.

Restricts Airflow

Air vents are sometimes located on the floors and homeowners cover them with carpets and rugs. They restrict air flow and affect the proper function of your heating and cooling system. The results, less air will cause ice formation and insufficient cooling. Blocking air vents with furniture will create an imbalance temperature inside your home. It can be a reason why you feel hot and cold spots in some corners.

Increases Humidity

Too much moisture is not a good scenario for your home and blocked HVAC vents can contribute to this situation. Insufficient air allows for greater condensation in the units and the next thing you’ll notice is a foggy atmosphere inside your home due to high moisture level. You know quite well that too much humidity brings chaos to your furniture and appliances. It can also increase mold growth.

Pressure Imbalance

Blocked vents bring stress in your HVAC system because of the imbalance pressure inside. This calls for greater effort of the unit to meet the needed temperature. In some cases, the system becomes inefficient in cooling your home even if it runs at maximum level. Expect your energy bill to skyrocket or worst, you might be faced with expensive repair and replacement.

Instead of blocking air vents, it’s a better idea to invest on custom grilles and radiator covers. They are safer to use and fit just right for the interior design of your house. Call your Maddox HVAC contractor for recommendations.

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