The Surprising Effects of Dry Indoor Air

Aside from the temperature and air quality, the relative humidity level can also affect your comfort and well-being inside your home. When you speak of humidity in the fall and winter seasons, the first thing that comes to your mind is the dry air that causes great discomfort and health risks to you and your […]

How To Reduce Heat Loss In Your Tyler, TX Home?

Heat loss is among the biggest factors that should be considered in keeping a comfortable home during the cold days. Less heat loss means moderate heating needs and in turn, leads to lower energy bills. What Is Heat Loss? Heat loss is the amount of heat that escapes from your home or building indoor space […]

Prepare Your Indoor Air Quality for the Cold Season

There is more to your home’s comfort than just keeping it warm or cool. You also need to ensure that the indoor environment is safe and healthy for you and your family to stay. Since you will be staying longer inside your home when the cold season steps in, it is just right to keep […]

Five Serious Energy-Wasting Habits You Should Break Today

There are a lot of energy hogs inside your home and honestly speaking, even your daily routines can contribute to the rising of your monthly energy bill. But don’t worry, there are even more ways to reduce your energy usage and save your budget. You can start by turning into a reformed energy-hog and avoid […]

What Makes An Energy-Efficient Home?

Get acquainted with the key features that make an energy-efficient home. Here is a list of the characteristics that will make your dream home in East Texas. Good Location It is better to build your home near major establishments and buildings like schools, supermarket, stores, and workplace. This can help you save energy on transportation. […]

What Does Good Home Ventilation Bring You?

Ideally, if you want to take in the fresh and pure air, you should stay outside your home for the rest of your life. But of course, this is nearly impossible. In fact, we spend almost 80% of our time inside. Now the real question is, is your indoor air safe enough for your family […]

Should You Go Ductless This Summer?

  Ductless air conditioning systems are not a new concept for home and business owners in Tyler, TX. But does having one make sense for your comfort this summer? Well, possibly! At Maddox Residential and Commercial Services, we want nothing but the highest level of comfort for you and your family. So, let us walk […]

IAQ and Mold in TX Buildings: Are Kids at Risk?

Most parents pay attention to a clean indoor environment at home to protect children from sickness but kids are still at risk of illnesses from outdoor buildings. By going outside, they can be exposed to bacteria, viruses, and most especially mold, which can cause allergies and other symptoms of diseases. What is Mold? Mold is […]

How to Know if Your Thermostat is Working Correctly

The thermostat is one of those little things at home that we don’t pay much attention to until it stops working. It does its job quietly, but when it breaks, everyone in the household will surely notice. When your home’s temperature suddenly turns too cold or hot, you know that something has gone wrong with […]

What Causes My AC System To Leak?

While it is summer, all you want to do is relax and make the most of your air conditioner. But, when disasters happen such as a leak in your cooling system, you suddenly find yourself rushing to know what causes it. Stop making guesses! Instead, get to know these top reasons for air conditioner leaks. […]