When Should You Buy An Air Conditioning System

Savvy customers prefer to buy air conditioning systems during the cooler months where it becomes less in demand. However, even wiser homeowners choose to have it in the middle seasons where the temperature is not too hot or too cold.

Why winter is not the right season?

Since air conditioning units are less demanded for this season, companies are providing great discounts and other offers just to get their stocks out. This is a great opportunity to take if you are planning to replace your AC. However, even if you get fair discount for the product, you won’t be enjoying any for the services.

Winter is also a peak season for heating and cooling companies because of heating services such as furnace installation and replacement. This is not a good time to install your AC because of the technician’s hectic schedule.

What’s in spring and fall?

Spring and fall are the seasons in between the two peak temperatures where HVAC products and services and greatly needed. The right temperature does not call much of an air conditioning system. Hence, discounts and great product deals are still paired to each unit to market them.

Also, heating and cooling technicians are not as busy as they are in the winter and summer. So technically, you don’t have to wait until their long list of scheduled appointments is finished. Some HVAC companies even offer discounts and packaged deals just to invite customers to schedule maintenance, repair and installation with them.

What to consider when buying an air conditioning system?


Size matters for any heating and cooling system, especially for air conditioners. Don’t just go for the biggest unit. Be able to know first what size will fit your home. A unit that is too large will provide great amount of wasted energy while extremely small ones will take too long to cool your home. Call your HVAC contractor and schedule an estimate to avoid purchasing the wrong AC.

SEER Rating

We bet no one wants an air conditioning system who consumes great amount of energy. So better look for units with high SEER rating. This measures how effective your air conditioning unit is when it comes to energy savings and usage.

Know just when to buy your AC to ensure better service and great savings.

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