Cost-Effective Home Heating Trends for 2020

Over the years, heating systems had become an essential part of everyone’s daily lives. With the latest innovations in the HVAC industry, homeowners continue to get greater comfort and convenience indoors.

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s cost-effective home heating trends that you’ll surely want to have!

Smart Homes

Adding automation and remote control access to your home’s comfort systems can lower your energy consumption and your bills. Smart home technologies can be controlled remotely and independently, thus giving you greater convenience—everything within the touch of a hand.   

Like how Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa can answer questions, set alarms, control smart home devices through voice commands, the HVAC industry is widely adapting to these changes. Sounds great, right?

Smart Thermostats

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or elsewhere, smart thermostats make it a lot easier and more convenient to adjust heating settings remotely from other internet-connected devices.

Not only that, smart thermostats also monitor humidity, temperature, and motion. They learn the temperature that you prefer at home and automatically adjust it to an energy-saving temperature. Throughout the day, you can reduce your energy usage while saving more money.

Radiant Floor Heating

Many homeowners choose radiant floor heating because it warms a room from the floor up. Unlike traditional boilers, it transports hot water through pipes under your floors. This type of heating system ensures that you always have warm floors without wasting energy. As an efficient way to heat your home, be sure to set your thermostat at a lower temperature to feel more comfortable.

Condensing Boilers

If you’re thinking of replacing your old boiler or planning to get a new one, consider a condensing boiler. This type of boiler saves money by operating at lower temperatures than standard boilers. It is designed to lessen your energy usage by converting the water vapor (from the condensation process) into usable heat. As a result, condensing boilers can achieve about 90 to 95 percent energy efficiency at home.

Smart and cost-effective technological advancements play a massive part in shaping the HVAC industry—making our daily lives more comfortable. With these advancements, your home is no exception! Improve the comfort of your residential space while taking advantage of these trends. Contact Maddox Residential and Commercial Services today! We offer a complete suite of home automation services in Tyler and East Texas.

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