Early Signs of Home Electrical Malfunction

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) over one billion dollars in property damages in residential areas are reported every year due to electrical malfunction.

Terrible, right? But do not worry. Electrical malfunctions can be prevented. Before an electrical fire ignites, there are early signs to watch out for. Read on to find out more.

Circuit Breaker Keeps tripping

You might not know this, but a circuit breaker is designed to trip when the circuit is overloaded. Its job is to prevent the circuit board from overheating by cutting off the flow of electricity.

So, if your circuit breaker keeps tripping or if it suddenly stopped, then that’s a problem. It’s an indication of an electrical overload which may result in an electrical fire.

Lights are Flickering

Usually, flickering lights are due to a power surge from a loose light bulb. If it’s affecting more than one light bulb, then the problem might be in your house’s electrical circuit. However, if the flickering occurs in the whole house and outside, then the issue lies in your utility drop or breaker box.

A power surge can significantly affect your electrical system and appliances if it happens frequently. It can damage the internal components of most electronic devices, fry the circuit boards, and can eventually start an electrical fire.

Burnt Smell

The strange burnt smell is an early indication of an electrical fire. Unplug anything connected to an electrical outlet that has an unusual burnt smell. Do not use it again until a certified technician tells you to do so.

One possible cause of a burnt smell is a short circuit, which is common to overloaded wires or connections. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), most electrical malfunctions occur after a short circuit. Don’t take chances or wait until a fire ignites inside your home. If you happen to experience any of these signs, contact Maddox today and let our experts check your electrical system.

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