Electrical Safety Tips For The Winter Season

It is undeniable that electricity use hastily increases during winter. From the need of a warm and cozy home to the shinning and glittering holiday lights, electricity is truly a big factor in creating a comfortable and stylish home in Tyler, TX. But along with the benefits that electricity provides is the danger that can happen with improper use of electrical appliances.

You do not want this to happen in your home, especially in the season of parties and family gatherings. So, let us give you these helpful electrical safety tips you should take note in the long winter days.

  • Space Heaters

Space heaters are good heating alternatives but can pose a great danger when neglected. If you are using space heaters at home, be sure to use it 3 feet away from other furniture. Do not leave the device on overnight or when no one is in the house. Never let the children operate the device or play near it.

  • Electric Blanket

Always check for worn out plugs and cords in your electric blanket. If there are damaged areas, dispose the device immediately. Additionally, do not cover an electric blanket with another blanket thinking it will add warmth as you sleep.

  • Outlets

Take time to check the outlets. Be sure that they are not overloaded with multiple cords. Many homeowners would love to put decorations and festive lights in their homes without checking if their home’s electrical system can still handle the loads. Overloaded outlets are the most common causes of fire in residential places.

  • Extension Cords

Worn out or damaged extension cords should not be used. If the cord is placed in the lower parts of the walls or on the floor, be sure to cover them with childproof caps so that children won’t play on them.

  • Wiring System

In the early days of winter, be sure to hire a licensed electrician and have your electrical wiring checked. Provide the needed repair or replacement on damaged wires to ensure the safety of your electrical connections.

  • Unplug and Leave

If you are planning to celebrate the holiday season away from home, be sure that all your electrical appliances are unplugged before you leave. This will keep your home safe from potential fire.

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