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    Compared to other home system malfunctions, electrical problems are difficult to spot. Evidence of a potential hazard may appear intermittently and to different degrees.

    Here, we will include some thoughts about how to spot potential electrical wiring hazards in your home or commercial building.

    If you observe any of these or any other abnormalities in your electrical system, contact Maddox Electrical Services for a diagnosis.


    The smell of burning vinyl or plastic is a cause for alarm and deserves immediate attention. Properly functioning electrical outlets will never buzz or be hot to the touch. If you have an outlet that no longer works, this too, is a sign of wiring problems.

    The electrical wiring in many structures contains work done by amateurs. Often the tell-tale signs are bad splices, frayed wires, or compromised insulation. Before you have electrical work done in your home, contact Maddox Electrical Services. You’ll be assured the job is done safely and to code. Additionally, many homeowners have been known to exchange the original circuit breakers for those with greater capacity. This can lead to dangerous overloads without the breaker disconnecting the circuit; the result can be overheating and potential for a fire.

    If you have an older home with aluminum wiring, expansion and contraction during temperature changes can lead to unsecured connections. A Maddox Electrical Services technician can evaluate your wiring and suggest a plan of action to update the wiring and enhance the safety of your electrical system.

    Finally, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters — electrical outlets with the “test” and “reset” buttons — help prevent electric shock and should be tested regularly. Failure of one of these outlets could be due to the outlet itself or evidence of a wiring problem and an inspection is advised.

    Data from the U.S. Fire Administration indicate the number 3 cause of structure fires in the Unites States as electrical problems. Damage from these fires totals in the millions of dollars annually. The signs listed here are not comprehensive. If you notice any unusual things occurring within your electrical system, contact Maddox Electrical Services today. Our highly skilled electricians can quickly determine the problem and help eliminate potential danger — restoring full functionality to your home or office.

    Remodeling & New Construction

    There are many instances in which you will want a licensed Maddox Electrical technician involved in your remodel or new construction. If you are remodeling, you may want to add outlets to an area in order to help conceal unsightly electrical cords, or new appliances in a kitchen remodel.

    If you want to add lighting to a room, whether for ambiance or energy efficiency, you’ll want a licensed technician who can ensure your additions are done safely and to code. Maddox Electrical Services can work with your remodeling contractor to help you realize your new space.

    Are you ready to take your home to the next level of comfort and functionality? Consider a whole-home generator. Maddox Electrical Services can recommend and custom install a generator system to fit your needs and your budget.

    Maddox Electrical Services can accommodate a range of electrical needs, including residential and commercial repair through custom design for large commercial buildings. If your commercial building is older, you may need upgrades to old lighting systems. This may seem like a small item, however, lighting ballasts in a commercial building can easily number in the thousands.

    When upgrading to newer equipment, you’ll want to be sure the existing electrical system can accommodate the new equipment. Maddox Electrical Services can help make that process smooth, safe, and efficient.