Five Serious Energy-Wasting Habits You Should Break Today

There are a lot of energy hogs inside your home and honestly speaking, even your daily routines can contribute to the rising of your monthly energy bill. But don’t worry, there are even more ways to reduce your energy usage and save your budget. You can start by turning into a reformed energy-hog and avoid these five serious energy-guzzling habits in your day-to-day living:

  1. Too High Thermostat Setting for Water Heaters

Everyone loves a hot shower when the cold seasons starts. Many homeowners even set the thermostat for their water heaters at 120 degrees to fully enjoy the hot bath. But don’t you know that this can damage your home’s energy efficiency big time? If you want to save on your energy usage, limit your water heater use and shift to solar panels.

  1. Leaving the Lights and Appliances On

The most common energy-wasting habit yet the easiest to fix! Leaving the lights on and the appliances plugged-in can drain a lot of energy. See to it that you unplug your devices and turn off the lights when going to sleep or leaving your home. If you find it hard to remember this task, we recommend you install a smart thermostat so you can monitor everything using your smartphone.

  1. Browsing the Refrigerator with the Door Open

How long do you stand in front of the refrigerator when you’re bored and hungry? It’s normal to open it and quickly grab a snack, but if you’re browsing the fridge too long, you’re already consuming a great amount of energy. By allowing the cold air to escape, your refrigerator will take a longer time to re-chill the air. To prevent this scenario, keep healthy snacks on the cabinet and countertops.

  1. Keeping the Windows Bare

Not covering your windows can greatly contribute to high energy usage no matter what the season is. In summer, for instance, unblocked windows allow sunlight to pass through and add strain to your cooling unit. In winter, uncovered windows worsen the drafts and let in the chills. Make use of blinds, curtains and other energy-saving window treatment for your home to save energy.

  1. Using a Poorly Maintained HVAC Unit

Your HVAC system is one of the energy hogs in your home, especially when it’s poorly maintained. Your unit’s efficiency is reduced with lack of maintenance and tune-up. Don’t skip your regular maintenance service so that proper cleaning, tune-up, air filter replacement, and necessary repairs are given to your units consistently to maintain your unit’s efficiency.

We’re all guilty of these habits, but it’s never too late to change for the better. At Maddox Residential and Commercial Services, we can help you turn your home into a smart and energy –efficient place to live. Give us a call for helpful advice and reliable services!

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