How To Reduce Heat Loss In Your Tyler, TX Home?

Heat loss is among the biggest factors that should be considered in keeping a comfortable home during the cold days. Less heat loss means moderate heating needs and in turn, leads to lower energy bills.

What Is Heat Loss?

Heat loss is the amount of heat that escapes from your home or building indoor space typically through the floor, walls, roof, and doors. It is used to identify the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit and determine the energy requirement of your place. High heat loss inside your home can lead to expensive heating. This can happen because your heating system will generate a significant amount of heat to reach the demand of your home, while your home, on the other hand, is allowing heated air to leak out.

Simply put, you will know if you have an efficient home in Tyler, TX if the system output is always greater than the heat loss.

So how will you reduce your home’s heat loss? Here are easy tips from our professionals at Maddox Residential and Commercial Services.

·        Improve Your Home’s Insulation

The best way to battle heat loss is to improve the insulation on the floor, roof, wall, doors, and windows. Warm air can escape in all directions, and even the smallest cracks and gaps can allow heat to leak out. Without proper insulation, expect that a huge amount of the money you pay will go to waste.

·        Cover the Chimney

A great amount of heat loss can happen in an unused chimney. If you do not have the fire on, you should place a removable casing to cover your chimney and prevent excess heat from escaping.

·        Use Thick Curtains and Carpets

Heavy-duty curtains and thick carpets can be used as extra insulation. Just make sure that the curtains are not blocking any radiators for they can hinder the distribution of air in your home. Carpets are also great in keeping your feet warm while providing additional floor insulation.

·        Invest in an Efficient Heating Method

If you are positive of your insulation and heat-loss reduction techniques, it’s time to invest in an efficient heating system to maximize your comfort and boost your savings. Sometimes, the heating system alone causes the heat loss, but you can prevent this from happening with proper care and maintenance. If you think your current heating system can no longer keep up to the demand of your home, consider making an upgrade.

Reducing heat loss is easy, and there are simple techniques that you can do yourself. But if you need professional help, feel free to call our experts at Maddox Residential and Commercial Services.


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