HVAC Tips to Keep Your Family Comfortable This Holiday

It is a terrifying scenario to have a house full of guests, and then your HVAC suddenly stopped working. As your trusted HVAC expert in East Texas, we at Maddox understand that home comfort matters during the holidays.

Here are HVAC holiday tips to keep your family and your guests comfortable:

Swipe All The Dust Away

Whether it’s a holiday or not, it pays off to clean every corner of your home, including the components of your HVAC system that have accumulated dirt over time. The more you dust your system off, the healthier your indoor air quality will be. Seek a professional cleaner if you can’t do the cleaning by yourself.

Don’t Let The Cold In

Keep the heated air inside your home by closing the gaps where cold air can pass through, and heated air can escape.

Use weatherstripping to seal gaps in moving areas, like doors and windows, and use caulking for static parts of your house such as walls and ceilings. Also, if you have a fireplace, be sure to seal it properly when not in use.

Mind Your Thermostat

During a sleepover, it is recommended to lower your thermostat to a few degrees. Why? It’s because the more people present in your home, the higher the body heat it produces, the warmer it feels.

It is also a good idea to keep your room stocked with blankets if your guests are sensitive to cold. This will keep them comfortable while saving on energy costs as well.

Get a Pre-Holiday Tune-up

A thorough tune-up of your HVAC system before the festivities is always a good thing. Make sure it is working as it should be while you enjoy the holidays with your family. Let a professional identify minor issues in your HVAC system before they get worse.

Don’t let HVAC problems ruin your holidays! If you need help with your system maintenance or any other HVAC concerns, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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