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In Longview, TX, when your heating and cooling system breaks down during those sweltering summer days, you don’t just want a quick fix—you want the best solution that ensures long-lasting comfort.

That’s precisely what Maddox Residential and Commercial Services promises with our AC unit repair. Grounded in our history in East Texas and the dedication we’ve shown since 1937, here’s why we’re unparalleled:

Fast and Reliable

The moment your AC or heating system acts up in Longview, TX, our team is on the move, striving to ensure you can enjoy the comfort of a cool home without delay. We offer prompt HVAC services in Longview, TX that will keep you comfortable all year round.

Expert HVAC Technicians

Our decades-long presence in East Texas means our HVAC company isn’t just experienced in AC system repair, but also understands the local environment and its unique challenges. From the intricacies of the local climate to the electrical complexities of modern homes, we have it all covered.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

In our pursuit to be the best in Longview, TX, we’ve equipped ourselves with the latest diagnostic tools, ensuring accurate and dependable heating and AC solutions every time.

Quality Parts and Repairs

Rooted in our rich history and the trust the community places in us, we utilize only the highest quality OEM parts, ensuring both the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC system.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

True to our values, we prioritize transparency in all our dealings. Expect a clear and honest estimate before any HVAC repair work begins. We also offer financing options to provide you with a more affordable HVAC service.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our mission extends beyond just repairs. We aim for your complete satisfaction, reminiscent of the close-knit, caring community of Longview, TX.

By partnering with Maddox Residential and Commercial Services, you’re embracing a legacy of excellence that the fine people of East Texas have relied on since 1937.

Other Air Conditioner Services We Offer

Comprehensive Air Conditioner and Heating Services

At Maddox Residential and Commercial Services, we understand the distinctive needs of Longview, TX residents. We’re committed to guaranteeing a comfortable home or work environment throughout the year.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your AC system’s longevity and efficiency are a testament to consistent care and maintenance. Regular check-ups ensure early detection and resolution of potential issues, guarding against time-consuming and expensive future repairs.

Our comprehensive maintenance services are designed to ensure your business or residence remains a haven of comfort.

Air Conditioning Installation or Replacement

Our team’s knowledge encompasses the latest in air conditioning technology. Whether you’re upgrading an older unit or in need of a fresh installation, we’ll guide you throughout the entire process.

From evaluating your residence’s design to weighing energy efficiency and integrating cutting-edge smart home tech, our methods guarantee peak performance and utmost comfort.

Opting for Maddox Residential and Commercial Services is more than just a service choice; it’s a long-term commitment to unmatched comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prompt and Efficient AC Repairs

For your clarity and peace of mind, we’ve provided detailed answers to prevalent air conditioning unit-related queries:

Why did my air conditioning system stop working?

Your AC might cease to work due to varied reasons, ranging from electrical disruptions, defective compressors, coolant leaks, or thermostat issues. Longview’s unique conditions, like occasional power inconsistencies or unpredictable weather, can also be possible culprits. Experts like ours at Maddox are best suited to diagnose and resolve the exact problem.

What are the signs that I need air conditioning repair?

Apart from evident cooling issues, be alert to a sudden rise in electricity bills, unusual AC sounds, water leakage around the system, or frequent start-stop cycles. The inherent humidity of Longview can exert added strain on HVAC systems, causing these symptoms to manifest.

Should I repair or replace my AC?

While the system’s age and repair expenses are crucial factors to consider, you should also assess its energy consumption. Legacy models might drain more power when compared to contemporary units.

If frequent repairs plague an AC older than ten years, a new model might prove more cost-efficient over time, especially considering potential energy savings.

Maddox Residential and Commercial Services remains your go-to for all AC-related inquiries. Whether it’s specific issues or general guidance on navigating Longview’s summers, we’re here for you.

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Embrace supreme indoor air quality with Maddox Residential and Commercial Services in Longview, TX. Expertise, timely service, and a legacy of care are just a phone call away. Dive in; unparalleled indoor comfort is calling. Contact us today!