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My AC is not cooling properly, what could be wrong?

There are some potential reasons your air conditioner might not be properly cooling.

  • The unit is not sized correctly for your space
  • The air filter is dirty and needs to be replaced
  • The coils inside the unit are dirty and require thorough cleaning
  • The refrigerant level is low and must be refilled

If you have ruled out these potential issues, there may be a problem with the compressor or another major component of the AC unit. In this case, it is best to call in our professional to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.

What will your heating service include?

Our heating service will generally include a full system check, cleaning of the furnace, and replacement of the air filters. In some cases, it may involve replacing the thermostat batteries or checking for and repairing any leaks in the ductwork. Our technicians also perform a safety inspection to ensure that everything is in good working order and there are no potential fire hazards.

How often should I have my electrical system checked?

Maddox Residential and Commercial Services aims to be your one-stop shop for all your home improvement project needs in Tyler, TX, and surrounding areas; hence, we also offer electrical system maintenance.

We recommend having your electrical system checked at least once a year by our qualified electrician. More frequent checkups may be necessary if it is strained by regular use of high-wattage appliances or if it is located in an area with extreme weather conditions.

A visual inspection of your electrical system should also be conducted periodically to check for any damage to cords, outlets, or fixtures. If you notice any signs of wear or tear, have your system checked out as soon as possible to avoid potential hazards.

We Provide Residential & Commercial HVAC Services to Keep Your Space Comfortable

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Maddox Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX has hot and oppressive summers, and its winters are short, wet, and cold. It’s partly cloudy the entire year. The area has an average temperature of 38°F to 94°F and rarely below 26°F or above 100°F every year. With Tyler’s changing weather within a year, homes and businesses must be backed by an efficient and well-functioning HVAC system to keep their space comfortable. Maddox Residential & Commercial Services has been serving Tyler, TX and the nearby communities for more than 80 years. With our long years of professional experience in the industry, we know that each customer has varying comfort needs and we ensure to meet them by following industry guidelines. That said, we provide customized heating and cooling solutions that adhere to safety protocols and industry standards. When you call us, we’ll send our most qualified HVAC specialists for any of your installation, repair or maintenance needs.

We provide top-notch HVAC services to cool or warm your space all year round.

Maddox Tyler, TX

Your air conditioning or heating system can be exposed to a variety of problems as it works. Even with proper maintenance, normal wear and tear can’t be avoided. Good thing Maddox Residential & Commercial Services is here to help. We provide the best heating and cooling services in Tyler, TX and the nearby areas, and we’re committed to making your home or business comfortable at all seasons. We provide 24-hour emergency service to ensure your space never runs out of cool or warm air at times you need it the most. You can count on our licensed and certified technicians and installers when you need HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. We service and install the following systems:

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Even if the winter in Tyler, TX only occurs for a short period, homes and businesses should still ensure they have a heating system ready to combat the weather extremes. Our team at Maddox Residential & Commercial Services can help prepare your equipment before the winter season. We can tune-up or maintain the system, repair all issues before they get worse, or install a new unit when you need an upgrade. With professionals like us, you don’t have to worry about losing the heat in your space, as we’re available 24/7 to serve you. You can count on us when you need:

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Leaving all your air conditioning installation, repair or maintenance needs to the hands of non-certified technicians could cost you more than you realize. When you call Maddox for the job, you are guaranteed with top-notch services, expert recommendations, and lasting comfort throughout the summer. We repair and maintain all makes and models of A/C and install only the most trusted brands in the industry. Call us when you need residential and commercial:

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