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A/C Repair New Orleans, TX

Air conditioning units are more of a necessity than a luxury, especially when the scorching hot summer weather has finally arrived. We understand that cool air is your top priority, and you can’t stand a single day with a malfunctioning A/C. So, when your unit acts up, we make sure you have a dependable team to call for prompt services.

For the best air conditioning repair in New Orleans and the East Texas region, choosing  Maddox Residential and Commercial Services is the guaranteed way for the ultimate home comfort solutions. We have proven track records that give you peace of mind. Contact us today to chedule an appointment with our professionals!

A/C Tune-ups New Orleans, TX

Without regular HVAC maintenance, you can’t expect your air conditioning unit to operate in its best performance. It’s just easy to let a schedule slip but failing to give your unit its fair share of maintenance service can cause real issues to you down the road. Make your home reliable and consistently comfortable by scheduling a tune-up service from our professionals at Maddox. Unlike other companies, we don’t just look for the bigger most obvious problems. We are trained to do a thorough check on the units so that the small glitches are recognized and solved ahead of time.

We created the Maddox Comfort Plan to help you secure the condition of your unit. Sign up and enjoy a wide array of benefits, including priority services and regular unit inspection by the pros. For detailed discussions, feel free to give us a call!

New Orleans, TX Heater Repair

If the weather is cold and you have a malfunctioning furnace- or a completely broken one, you have no time for poor results. You need your unit to be repaired right the first time. At Maddox, we offer professional heater repair service that can restore the efficiency, performance, and even longevity of your unit. We have a team of highly-trained technicians with years of experience in handling simple to complex heating issues.

We make our team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the heating repair needs of the New Orleans, TX residents. Loud noises, strange smells, cool air coming out, name it! Give us a call at Maddox, and we’ll take it from there.

HVAC Tune-up

Your heating and cooling systems are your comfort-saver when the extreme outdoor temperature comes. Since it’s
also among the most expensive investment in your home or commercial space, it’s just right to give them enough
attention. By getting an annual HVAC tune-up service from a reputable company, you are not just giving your unit
a break; you are also securing your comfort and safety as a whole.

If you are looking for a comprehensive point-by-point inspection, cleaning and adjustment services in New Orleans, TX, look no further than Maddox Residential and Commercial Services! We guarantee you’ll save more on your energy cost than you spend on our tune-up. Get in touch today!

Air Conditioning Replacement

Maddox Residential and Commercial Services recommends replacing your air conditioning unit when it’s ten years or older and if it requires expensive to repair. There are a lot of things to consider in upgrading your A/C, including the size of the unit, the efficiency and most of all, the installation process. Don’t fall victim on those HVAC companies with offers that are too good to be true. What you need is a reputable team to guide you along the course- form getting the right size to the installation proper.

Anytime you experience issues in your air conditioner and feel the need for immediate replacement, our experts at Maddox can help. Our technicians and support team members are highly trained, accommodating service on any make and model of HVAC system, air conditioning system replacement or complete air and heat system designs.


Thermostats play a crucial role in the overall performance of your heating and cooling system. Today’s most advanced thermostats are the smart and programmable units which offer greater efficiency and control. If your goal is to save more in your energy consumption without sacrificing your comfort, we recommend you invest in these state-of-the-art thermostats.

A programmable thermostat can be one of the most cost-effective investments in your home. Aside from the additional energy saving that can be reflected in your monthly bill, it can also help keep a cozy atmosphere throughout your space. Don’t deprive your home of this great advancement! Talk to our experts today.


AutomationSince 1937, Maddox Air Conditioning has been controlling Heating and Cooling equipment utilizing pneumatic, electro-mechanical, electronic and now digital control systems. We have controls in many buildings throughout the East Texas area including Homes, Businesses, and Manufacturing Facilities.

Maddox uses Talon system that offers a thorough line of products on an open protocol platform. With a network of Talon Building Managers and Web Supervisors running on the Niagara Framework developed by Tridium, no industrial control systems project is too large or too complex. Don’t be the last to experience the benefits of scheduling a Maddox Building Automation Service. Call us today!


Electrical problems are difficult to spot and pretty dangerous, too. The signs of a malfunctioning electrical system can appear sporadically at unpredictable degrees. Once these electrical problems are left unnoticed and unsolved, they can lead to major issues that pose a grave danger of irreparable damage.

It is important that you receive regular check-ups and maintenance to your electrical system so you can keep your peace of mind in knowing your home is safe. Our electricians will provide consistent, biannual evaluations of your wiring to ensure their safety. In the event they spot a problem, our experts will suggest a plan of action to update the wiring and enhance the safety of your electrical system. Enjoy these and many other benefits by enrolling in our Comfort Plan! Talk to us to learn more.