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You don’t have to suffer through a cold winter without a heating system that’s in good working condition. Rely on our reliable heating system maintenance Lindale, TX without digging too deep into your pockets.

Even if you have a relatively new unit, it is still a good idea to have it inspected before the cold weather sets in Texas to ensure that it won’t leave you hanging, especially during a cold snap.

Heating maintenance, Lindale
Heating maintenance being performed on a Lindale, Texas home system.

Regular Maintenance Means Fewer Repairs

Your heating system is made up of several moving parts, which means there are a lot of opportunities for something to go wrong. Neglecting to maintain it allows dirt and grime to build up, causing your unit to work less efficiently and putting unnecessary strain on the components. This can eventually result in a breakdown that will be much more expensive to fix than if you had kept up with regular heating system maintenance in Lindale, TX in the first place.

A simple issue like a clogged filter can cause your unit to overwork and shorten its lifespan. Wouldn’t it be much better to catch these issues early on during a routine maintenance check so they can be fixed before they cause any real damage?

You Can Extend the Lifespan of Your Equipment

Industry experts highlight that homeowners who schedule annual heating system maintenance in Lindale, TX visits can expect their systems to last up to 50% more than those who don’t. 

That means you won’t have to shell out money for a replacement as often, and you can feel confident that your unit will keep you warm throughout winter without dealing with any stressful breakdowns.

Your Safety Is Guaranteed

The United States alone experiences around 200,000 house fires each year, causing over $7 billion in damages and almost 3,000 deaths. Faulty or damaged heating systems cause a significant number of these fires. This winter, don’t let your family become a statistic!

A heating system maintenance Lindale, TX professional will thoroughly inspect your furnace and heating system to make sure that there are no potential fire hazards. In addition, if your unit uses gas or oil, a technician will check for any leaks that could threaten your family’s safety. Other than scheduling professional inspections and maintenance, some simple tasks such as avoiding overload outlets or extension cords as well as testing smoke alarms every month and replacing them every ten years can go a long way in ensuring your family’s safety.

What Does a Professional Heating Maintenance Service Include? 

Our heating maintenance service typically includes: 

  • Cleaning the furnace burner assembly 
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for corrosion 
  • Lubricating moving parts 
  • Measuring voltage and current on motors 
  • Checking thermostat calibration 
  • Cleaning and adjusting blower components 
  • Inspecting ductwork for leaks or restrictions 
  • Adding filters (if needed) 

In addition to these essential tasks, our technicians will also address any specific concerns you may have about your system. For example, if you’ve noticed strange noises from your furnace or fluctuations in temperature, they will investigate the cause and let you know if anything needs to be done. 

Make Winter Worry-Free – Get Your Free Estimate for Heating Maintenance Today 

If you’re ready to enjoy a warm and worry-free winter, Maddox Residential and Commercial Services can help! Call us today at 903-592-6531 to schedule heating system maintenance in Lindale, TX.